Getting Started

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After you've received your first club case, you will use the new Club Portal to select your case for all future subscription deliveries (2nd case, 3rd case, 4th case and so on).

To access your subscription portal, simply login to your Casely account here.

Inside the portal, you will be able to:

  • Select your club case design
  • Add add-on accessory products to your subscription (for one-time purchase only--these products do not renew)
  • Edit your upcoming delivery date
  • Edit your delivery frequency
  • Update your phone model
  • Update your preferred case type (i.e. Classic, Bold, etc.)
  • Manage your shipping & billing information
  • Skip a delivery
  • Cancel your subscription

You are now required to have a Casely account to manage your club subscription. If you do not have an account, you can request an account invite here.

Please note: This portal is for active subscribers only. If you are not a subscriber and would like to join the club, you can sign up here.

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Selecting your case design & add-ons