My Casely Power case isn't working. What can I do?

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Inserting your phone into your CaselyPower Case

Powering on your CaselyPower Case

Power on your charging case by pressing and holding the button for three seconds. Once the lights become illuminated, your phone will begin to charge. Simply clicking the power button will only indicate the current battery level of the case.

To turn the case off, hold the same button down for at least three seconds.

Charging your CaselyPower Case

The Power cases are meant to be charged with an authentic Apple charger. When the case is charging, the lights should flicker until it is fully charged. Once it's fully charged, all lights will stay on.

Charging your phone with your CaselyPower Case

To charge the phone, simply slide the phone into the case. Once the phone is completely secure in the case, you can then press the button on the back to begin charging.

If you are following all the above steps, but are still having issues, please request a return or replacement at the following link: Click Here.

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