I forgot to apply a promo/coupon code!

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Forgot to add a promo code to your order?
If you forget to apply a discount code at checkout we are able to apply the discount code only up to 12 hours after placing the order. Please contact us immediately, to apply your coupon.

Coupon Code Restrictions
  • Only one code can be used on a purchase.
  • Gift cards cannot be used with promo codes.
  • Coupon codes cannot be applied to previous purchases, nor can they be retroactively applied 12 hours after an order has been placed.
  • If the code requires adding or removing items to/from your order, please reach out immediately. We are only able to make changes within 1 hour of the order being placed. One (1) hour after an order has been placed on our website, the information is sent to our warehouse to begin the packing and shipping process. Once this process has begun, your order is one of many being worked on, and locating it to make a change will not be possible.

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