Artist Spotlight Series

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Want to see your artwork on a Casely phone case?!

Open to all artists!

You don't have to be *the next Picasso* or an *influencer* to qualify. No matter who you are: Graphic Designer, Graffiti Artist, Sculptor, Painter, Scrapbooker, Doodler, Professional, Amateur... We invite every artist to apply!

Your art on a Casely case!

Maybe you've already created the perfect design. Maybe you want to work with us to create something from scratch. Either way, we can't wait to bring your masterpiece to life.

Get paid!

At Casely, we deem artists to be essential. That's why we're opening up a handful of freelance design opportunities to artists in our community. Help us create one (or many) of the cases for our Fall/Winter line and make some extra cash!

Share your work!

Not only will you get paid, but you will have the opportunity to advertise your art! Your bio will be featured on your case's product page, PLUS we'll include your business card inside the case's packaging.

Apply today!

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