Why haven’t I received my referral reward?

Christy Gurganus Updated by Christy Gurganus

Thanks so much for spreading the word about Casely! Once your friend has redeemed their 35% off coupon code, a referral reward will automatically be emailed to you within 5 days of their purchase. If you haven’t received a code yet and are sure it’s been 5 days since your friend made a purchase, please confirm two things:

  1. Your friend used the coupon code we emailed them to complete their purchase.
  2. Their purchase was a minimum of $20 or $40 after the coupon has been applied (depending on the referral that was shared). 

If you’ve confirmed these two things and still haven’t received your code, click the “Contact” link below and send us your name, the email address used to refer a friend and your friend’s email address. We’ll help you out ASAP.

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