My Power 2.0 Case will not charge and no lights blink

Mark Stallings Updated by Mark Stallings

To begin charging the phone, you will need to first make sure your phone is fully secure in the case, then hold the button on the back of the case for 3 seconds.

If no lights are blinking after pressing and holding the button down for 3 seconds, it could mean that your phone is not connecting to the case properly.  We recommend making sure your phone software is up to date and the charging port (the hole where you plug your charger into) inside of your iPhone is clean of any dust or particles. Once the port is free of debris and your software is up to date, slide your phone back into the case and make sure the case is fully secure on the phone.

The following link is a video to see how to push on the phone to better secure it into the case, to get it connected to your phone: Click Here to Watch Video

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