Just placed my order, but I ordered the incorrect size or my shipping address is wrong. What can I do?

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Accidentally placed an order with the incorrect item or shipping address?

If you place an order and you accidentally ordered the incorrect size, changed your mind on a design, or input the wrong shipping address, we are more than happy to make any changes to your order as long as it has not been processed yet! Please shoot an email to help@getcasely.com with your order number and the changes needed to be made as soon as possible (within one (1) hour of your purchase), and we will get back to you confirming the edit on our end.

One (1) hour after an order has been placed on our site, the information is sent to our warehouse to begin the packing and shipping process. Once this process has begun, your order is one of many being worked on, and locating it to make a change will not be possible.

If the order has been shipped or is too far along in the processing stage, we unfortunately are not able to make any changes. You are able to start a return or exchange once your receive your package.

If your order is being sent to the incorrect shipping address, it is your responsibility to retrieve the package from the address it is being shipped to. You can also reach out to USPS and see if they are able to redirect or return your package to the sender.

We can only make changes within one (1) hour of your order being placed. Double, triple, and quadruple check your order before completing the purchase.
We try our best to answer each email as quickly as possible! If an order ships or is too far along in the processing stage before we are able to cancel, there is unfortunately nothing we can do about it.

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