Gift Boxes

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Gift Boxes

This year we are offering Casely Gift Boxes for purchase! These are sleek black, magnetic boxes with a metallic silver Casely logo on the top. A classy, beautiful way to present your gift!

The will be $8 per box and can fit any of the following combinations:

  • 4 Classic Cases
  • 2 Bold or Power Cases + 1 Accessory
  • 2 Classic Cases + 2 Accessories
  • 1 Bold or Power Case + 2 Accessories
The cases/item(s) will not be shipped inside the box and the box does not come with packaging/wrapping/tissue paper.

Assembling your Casely Gift Box

Assembling the gift box is quick & easy! But you may need to break in the edges a little to get the magnets to align & adhere correctly.

Watch this video to learn more:

Once assembled, it should look just like this:

Happy Gifting!

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