Tracking with USPS

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You will get a tracking link/number as soon as your order ships! If your tracking doesn't update within 3-5 business days, don't worry-- that's totally normal!

Here are the different stages of tracking and what it means:

  • USPS Awaiting Item: this means USPS has not yet scanned in your package, but they have it!
  • Confirmed: USPS has scanned in your package and it is beginning the journey to you! It could sit in "confirmed" for anywhere from 1-5 business days, so don't worry too much if this doesn't update right away.
  • In Transit: Woohoo! Your order is on its way. Usually, once it is in transit, you will also have an expected delivery date.
  • Delivered: The gift you sent yourself has arrived!! We hope you love it :)
Marked delivered, but still don't see it? Please allow at least three business days before shooting us an email, it could still show up!

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