Power 2.0 Wireless Charging Specs

Mark Stallings Updated by Mark Stallings

Depending on the wireless charger that you have, the case and phone can take 5-10 seconds to start charging, after being placed on the wireless charger. Please make sure the phone and case are placed on the wireless charger in the correct location as well. 

The cord and charging box being used with your wireless charger must have the same voltage for the case to charge with that wireless charger. For example the cord must be 9V-2A and the charging box must also be 9V-2A. If the cord is 5V-1A and the charging box is 5V-2A the wireless charger will not work with our Power 2.0 due to our safety features to eliminate overheating.

We recommend the Yootech Wireless Charger with an included AC adapter, which is available for purchase on Amazon. If you have a wireless charging pad already and just want to purchase the AC adapter and cord (with matching voltage), we have linked our recommendation below along with the wireless charger.

- Yootech Wireless Charger

- AC Adapter and Cord

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