What is a Grippy?

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Grippy is a MagSafe-compatible phone mount designed for an easy, hands-free experience. This innovative suction cup mount for phone cases attaches to the back of any MagSafe-compatible phone and/or case. The Grippy suction cups securely adhere to mirrors, windows, and other, clean, flat surfaces for taking videos or photographs.

We fitted each Grippy with 22 individual suction cups to provide a stronger, more reliable hold, so you can worry less about it falling or dropping while you're capturing great content. This silicone MagSafe mount helps you create shareable photos, videos, and browse the internet all completely hands-free.

This is a MagSafe-compatible product so you will need a MagSafe compatible phone or case to use it. For non-MagSafe phones/cases, you can add an Adhesive Magnetic Ring (not included) to the back of the phone/case to turn it into a MagSafe-compatible product. You can purchase a ring here.

Please note: If using a case, the ring must be attached to the outside of the case. The ring unfortunately will not work through a case.

Periwinkle Grippy

Available in 5 fun colors: Black, White, Taupe, Pink, & Periwinkle.

Dimensions & Weight:

Size: 4.25" x 3" x 1/8" - About the size of 2-3 credit cards.

Weight: 1 ounce - About the weight of a pencil or a slice of bread.

  • The back is constructed with Hard PC plastic.
  • The suction cups are constructed with silicone.
  • The MagSafe magnet is N52H which is one of the strongest magnets on the market.

Please inspect the Grippy for damage before use. Make sure the surface you are attaching to is flat, smooth, and clean. Before letting go of the phone, please make sure the Grippy has obtained a proper hold on the surface. Don't leave your phone unattended or attached to any surface for prolonged periods of time. We do not hold any responsibility for damages resulting from improper use of the Grippy.

We would recommend turning your phone vibrate off when using the Grippy. The vibration can be strong and affect the suction.

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