Power vs. Power 2.0, Protection & Specs

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Power Cases Product Specifications

Our Power Collection cases are charging cases that act as a backup battery when your phone is running low. Both Power collections will protect your phone from small drops on flat surfaces.

Our Original Power Collection or "Power 1.0" is a two-piece design, making it easy to slide your phone in and out of the case. The shell is a harder plastic and a detachable top piece.


How do Power Cases compare to other Casely Cases?

Protection Hard Protective Shell Dual-Layer Hard Protective Shell Hard Protective Shell
Weight Light Medium Heavy
Raised lip 1mm 3mm .5mm
Wireless Charging Compatible
Built-in Charger

Our all new Power 2.0 Collection is the next generation of our Power Collection. Offering a 1.5mm raised front lip and a 3mm raised camera lip so you do not need to worry about dropping your phone! There is no top pieces, so sliding your phone in and out of the case is super easy. The soft rubber sides make holding your phone easy and enjoyable. These cases can be charge with an Apple lightning cord, and can now wirelessly charge as well!

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